There are so many different types of diets out there. How do you chose and what are the pros and cons of the various types? Which diet is right for you? Get the facts on popular diet plans to help you decide. Find out more here.

  1. 17 Day Diet
  2. 3 Day Diet
  3. Alternate day fasting (ADF) diet
  4. Atkins diet
  5. Biggest Loser diet
  6. Blood Type diet
  7. British Heart Foundation diet
  8. Cabbage Soup diet
  9. Cambridge diet
  10. Caveman (Paleo) diet
  11. Detox diets
  12. Diet Chef diet
  13. Dukan diet plan
  14. Fasting diets
  15. Grapefruit Diet
  16. hCG and other diet pills
  17. High-protein diet
  18. Jenny Craig diet
  19. Lemonade Diet
  20. Lighter Life Diet
  21. Liquid diets
  22. Low carb diets
  23. Low glycaemic index diet (GI diet)
  24. Master Cleanse
  25. Mediterranean diet
  26. New Beverly Hills diet
  27. Personality Type diet
  28. Pritikin Principle diet
  29. Protein Power diet
  30. Raw food diet
  31. Rosemary Conley’s diet plan
  32. Satiety Index diet
  33. Slim-Fast diet
  34. Slimming world diet
  35. Sonoma diet
  36. South Beach diet
  37. Sugar Busters diet
  38. Tony Ferguson diet
  39. Vegetarian and Vegan diet
  40. Very low calorie diet (VLCD)
  41. Volumetrics diet
  42. WeightWatchers
  43. Zone diet

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