The HCG diet pills are an alternative to shots or drops for the hCG diet. However don’t be fooled by the many cheap hCG pellets on the market, most are homeopathic and contain 0 hCG. For real hCG pellets you have to have them compounded by a pharmacy which means you need a prescription.

Everyone needs a fit and healthy body and everyone dreams of a beautifully shaped body. There are very few people who have the patience to try out a diet plan that takes a long time to achieve their goal. People want the diet plans to work like magic. Crash diet plans are the thing for them.

HCG diet plan is one of those crash diet plans which results in rapid weight loss. HCG is a hormone which is produced in a pregnant women’s body in large quantity.

HCG is also found in males. HCG is the hormone responsible for metabolizing the fat in the pregnant women and making it available for the baby.

HCG diet is the brain child of Dr. Simeons who thought that if the HCG hormone can metabolize the fat in the pregnant women then it can do the same for everyone.

Everyday there new diet plans come up with a claim to give you a perfect body. All these diet plans starve you to the core. HCG diet is no different.

The only difference between the other diet plans and the HCG diet plan is that, HCG diet plan injects a hormone that reduces your hunger pangs and increases your metabolism.

HCG diet has seen increasing demand, since it was invented in 1950s, because it facilitates rapid weight loss.

HCG diet puts you on a small dose of hormone in combination with a very low diet. Since its conception HCG Diet has always been in controversies.

HCG has been very popular as it takes very less time to show its result. AS everyone these days is in a time crisis, HCG diet plan fits in very well. It provides you with almost instant results. The HCG diet plan is so irresistible that you cannot really deny it.

The HCG diet plan suggests a 500 calorie per day diet. This 500 calorie diet is near to impossible to achieve without the HCG hormone shots. The hormone shot has its own side effects.

With these HCG shots one does not feel hungry so can stay with minimal amount of food for days together.

The Food and Drugs Association has still not approved HCG as a weight loss tool. HCG is approved for being beneficial for some male reproductive problems.

FDA has also listed the HCG among their banned drugs as it is very popular among the steroid user athletes.

The HCG diet plan claims that it can help you reduce as much as 30 lbs in a month. The HCG diet plan has a specific layout of what food to eat and what to avoid. The Diet plan is so stringent that if tweaked the weight loss may be lesser.

People who administer the HCG diet plan complain of various side effects. The biggest threat that this diet plan poses is the calorie count.

The normal calorie intake for a person is around 1200-1500 each day. The HCG diet plan leaves you with only 500 calorie per day.

Such a low calorie count can result in vital vitamins and mineral deficiency. The vitamin and mineral deficiency can lead to brain dysfunction.

There have also been symptoms like headache, dizziness, joint pains, rashes, weakness etc. Some women may also encounter a fatal medical condition known as Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.

This condition is very critical and shows up symptoms like breathing difficulty, vomiting, and excess urination.

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