With the number of HCG diet products on the market today, and without the right HCG information, choosing the best product for you can be overwhelming. It is essential to determine the best delivery system for taking a diet product and the two most common forms of diet products, or even nutritional supplements, are pills and liquids. In the end, the two questions that need to be answered are what is HCG drops and what are better, diet pills or diet drops?

The HCG diet pills are an alternative to shots or drops for the hCG diet. However don’t be fooled by the many cheap hCG pellets on the market, most are homeopathic and contain 0 hCG. For real hCG pellets you have to have them compounded by a pharmacy which means you need a prescription.

You can obtain your hCG pills from an online hCG doctor, that way you know you have real hCG in your pellets and are losing fat not muscle while on Phase 2 of the diet.

Taking the hCG pellets is easy and the most convenient of the 3 froms of hCG delivery. hCG pellets or pills, as they are sometimes called, are compounded by a compounding pharmacy in a gel form. You simply place a hCG pill under your tongue and it melts. The hCG is absorbed by the large vein under the tongue like the drops would be. You still eat or drink nothing 30 minutes before or after to ensure maximum absorption, but unlike the hCG drops you only take 1 pellet a day and unlike the hCG injections or hCG drops, no need for refrigeration!

Weight-loss products containing the hormone HCG are illegal and potentially dangerous, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said today, and consumers are advised to steer clear of the oral drops, pellets and sprays that can be found online and in retail stores.

The FDA, along with the Federal Trade Commission, issued warning letters today to seven companies selling over-the-counter, homeopathic weight-loss products marketed as containing HCG.

The products are marketed with claims that hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, which is found in the urine of pregnant women, is a “natural” way to increase metabolism and spur weight loss.

But the products are labeled with the recommendation to consume no more than 500 calories a day, and there is no evidence that HCG contributes to weight loss beyond what comes with such severe a calorie restriction, said Elizabeth Miller of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, speaking at a news conference…

Whether you go for injections or drops or pills, you will have to stick to the 500 calorie regimen. The HCG pills are new on the block but the results are the same as with injections. It is just that the pills are a more convenient way of going on to the diet.

The diet has a specific listing of what you can or cannot eat during the day. It recommends drinking a lot of fluids during the day to detoxify your body and increase weight loss.

Before going in for any kind of crash diet, do pause to think of the negative side effects that the diet plan is going to have. Be very sure of the fact that the HCG diet, along with the weight loss, brings with it some serious health issues.

You should be aware of all the possible effects of the HCG diet before starting it. There are many reasons why people go for these HCG diet pills. It is a convenient tool for weight loss. The HCG diet pills; when combined with the 500 calorie diet plan, gives excellent results.

The HCG diet pills are a quick solution for quick weight loss. Although the HCG diet pills are available without a doctor’s prescription, it is advisable that you take these pills under the guidance of a professional to avoid risking your health.

The HCG diet plan works very well and gives faster results if you follow a healthy lifestyle along with consuming the HCG Diet pills.

The HCG diet pills have claimed to help millions in shedding their obesity but it remains amidst controversies.

Apart from being a superb weight loss therapy, it has its own negative side. Many people may feel dizzy, or have vomiting sensations, or feel fatigued, when on this plan.

There have also been complaints like headaches, mood swings, blood pressure etc. In spite of all this, the HCG Diet plan is the best fat burner according to both doctors and users alike. The HCG diet pills are available online as well with the HCG pharmacist.

The HCG diet pills are the result of people’s demand for a convenient HCG weight loss supplement. The HCG hormone suppresses hunger and increases metabolism.

People on the HCG diet plan are not allowed more than 500 calories per day but in spite of this, they don’t feel hungry.

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