How to Look Good Every Day

The 10 Steps…

1. Eat well. Try to eat well everyday. Have a nice breakfast with some milk and fruits on it. Avoid eating too much candies and sweets. Eat little portions of food; maximum five at day.

If you eat well your body will begin to look better everyday and you will feel so much better and healthier.
2. Take good care of your hair.When washing it do it with shampoo twice. Then use conditioner, and after you’ve washed and conditioned, rinse it with cold water. It won’t stop frizz, but it will make it go shiny when your hair dries.

It is pretty important that your hair looks clean everyday.

To make it look better try new styles on it. But don’t be too adventurous. A pony-tale always looks good.

3. Wear simple make-up.The simpler the better. Eye liner, a little foundation, a little concealer, and some clear lip gloss will do. If you wear too much make up it will make you look bad.

4. Dress for the occasion. Think well about what you are doing everyday and where you are going. You don’t have to buy expensive clothes to dress appropriately. You only have to have in mind what you are doing everyday in order to dress for the occasion.

Make sure you have the right clothing, wearing something that fits your body shape.

5. Buy clothes that fit. (For nonfitted shirts you already own, tuck them like hospital corners: Pinch the seams on the side and pull them back while tucking the excess underneath for a tapered look.)

6. Never enter a party thinking, How do I look? Enter thinking, Here I am.

7. Pay attention to dress codes. One man’s free spirit is another man’s self-centered git.

8. Get a tan. Always look as if you just got back from somewhere interesting and expensive. It worked for Onassis. —Esquire Fashion Director Nick Sullivan

9. Look people in the eye. According to Gordon Patzer, attraction expert and author of Looks: Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined, people are most attractive to others when they’re looking directly at them.

10. Be yourself. Don’t ever try to look like someone else. Everybody would notice.

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