This article will absolutely help you if you’re ready to give up and quit your efforts on losing fat out of complete frustration. I’ve been there.

Especially if you’ve tried variations of restricted calorie, no fat, all protein, or no carb type diets..

These “diets” rarely work as they focus on the wrong metabolic process so that could be your problem…anyway… we are going to talk about a fast fat loss method what WILL work no matter what and hopefully end your frustration.

You want a diet you can “live” with; that actually lets you function as a normal happy human being throughout the day without feeling like your on a diet.

The benefit of this fat loss system is it completely avoids the hunger trap that most diets eventually become even after 3 or 4 days.

This diet, or eating plan as I’d rather refer to it as, lets you actually eat more food than your probably eating right now. The success of this diet is based on your bodies incredible potential to burn great amounts of fat on its own without drugs, supplements or exercise.

So how does it work?

The main difference with this eating plan is you will not concern yourself with calorie counting. Restricted calorie diets fail miserably and destroy your metabolism and actually make your body eventually hang on to fat cells instead of burning them.

Instead of counting calories you will be controlling blood sugar. Keeping blood sugar in the proper “zone” is the best way to control appetite and ensure you are burning fat stores.

Next, In order to burn the fat stores around your belly, you need to eliminate sugar and simple carbohydrates. These two common foods will destroy your fat burning efforts, probably way more than you imagined. Eating foods like sweets and white bread signals your body to burn the available sugar / glucose for energy and store fat cells for “later”.

Problem is most people never get to “later”.

So, blood sugar spikes, insulin kicks in which signals your body to “hold onto fat cells” which is followed by that tired hungry, “gotta eat anything” feeling.Typically this cycle keeps repeating so you never really get into burning fat which keeps getting stored around your belly.

Eating primarily lean protein, complex carbs and good fats is the solution to break the fat storage cycle.

I’ve deliberately made this sound simple to illustrate how this fast fat loss eating plan works by following these eating changes. And it will work if you stick to it… despite the simplicity.

And again you won’t be demotivated into quitting because of the miserable side effects you may of experienced with other diets.

You will need a bit more information so you can determine your metabolic type, so watch the free video below and start losing fat.

Alyssa Collins R, Certified trainer, and diet columnist, “You want to lose weight without wasting your time” so if you’re not sure where to start, watch this step by step free video that walks you through how to: lose 10 pounds in 7 days

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