Are you interested in fast weight loss, more energy, and a better-looking body? No matter what anyone tries to tell you about losing weight quickly, remember this: what and how you eat is 80% of the solution. Forget the “fat-burning” pills, fitness gadgets, and extreme workouts — fast, healthy weight loss can only be achieved through “smart” eating.

With that in mind, here are 5 proven diet guidelines for dropping body fat, boosting your energy, and looking great fast:

1. Learn to limit or avoid processed carbs.

Almost anything not found in nature is going to hinder your weight loss progress. To change your body quickly, you really need to focus on eating only natural “good” carbs, such as: fresh or frozen vegetables, fresh fruits, sweet potatoes, lentils, dried beans, oatmeal, whole-grain rice, etc. (Note: Avoid breads and cereals as much as possible — even whole-grain versions — when trying to lose weight quickly.)

2. Never let yourself get hungry.

For most people, that means eating a large, healthy breakfast and then eating (or “snacking”) every 3 hours throughout the day. Self-discipline and willpower will only take you so far. If you never get hungry you won’t need to fight the urge to eat high-fat, high-sugar food as often.

3. Keep healthy food with you at all times.

Consider keeping a small cooler in your car filled with healthy meals and snacks. Good “fat loss friendly” snacks include things like: fresh veggies with low-calorie dip, fresh fruits, raw or roasted nuts and seeds, beef jerky, hard-boiled eggs, low-fat cheeses, olives, lean cold cut meats, etc.

4. Protein is vital.

If fast weight loss is your goal, make protein the “center” of your diet. Try to include some protein in most, if not all, of your meals and snacks. A high-protein diet speeds fat loss by boosting your metabolism and controlling blood sugar and insulin levels. Also, eating protein every few hours will help keep your energy levels stable and minimize hunger cravings. Good protein choices include: poultry, lean beef, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, and whey protein powder.

5. “Healthy” salads can really help.

To lose weight as quickly as possible, try to eat at least 1 or 2 “healthy” salads per day. A “healthy” salad is one that contains only fresh lettuce, vegetables, fruits, and good fats. Adding meats and cheeses is OK as long as they’re of the low-fat variety. Stay away from high-fat and/or high-sugar salad dressings, as well as fatty cheeses and fried or high-fat meats. The best salad dressing for fast weight loss is probably virgin olive oil mixed with apple cider vinegar. Both of these substances are ultra-healthy and may help to boost body fat loss.

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