Weight loss industry is a very promising industry because many people have one common problem that is excessive weight. There are many diet plans sold on internet that offer tempting promises. Unfortunately, most of these plans are useless because they do not work at all. Some of them are indeed effective, but do you really want to waste your money and time trying to find the appropriate one? I am sure you do not want to waste your time for trial and error. Below are 5 proven diet plans that are safe to be used. These plans are safe to be used because many people including celebrity also use these plans.

1. Detox diet plan or also called as Lemon Detox. This diet is basically water and lemon juice therapy. This therapy uses acidity from lemon to aid the detoxification or cleansing process. Adding maple syrup and ginger will enhance metabolism and circulation of your body.

2. Low carbohydrate diet plan. It emphasizes on the consumption of vegetables and fruits. These two types of foods are important because they are healthy and natural. Fruits and vegetables have high fibers and they contain very low amounts of calories. It is suggested for you to perform exercise to fasten diet process. Jogging around your neighborhood is enough to balance your diet.

3. Slim-Fast diet plan. This diet is very popular due to its simplicity. On this diet, your breakfast and lunch will be replaced by two Slim-Fast shakes. Fortunately, you are still able to have a normal meal for dinner. The main point of this diet is on the Slim-Fast shakes, the shakes are made from low-calories ingredients. Although you are allowed to eat anything, it is better to only eat only healthy foods.

4. Atkins diet plan. This is the most popular weight loss program in weight loss industry and many people have reduced their weight by using this diet plan. The first step on this diet is eliminating all carbohydrates from your diet. After a couple of weeks using the program, you have to slowly reintroduce carbohydrates back into your diet until the time that you stop losing weight. It actually works, and even you are allowed to eat as much protein and fat as you want. It is recommended that you find complete information on whether this diet is appropriate for you or not.

5. Nutrisystem diet plan. This program has been sold to public since 2 decades ago. This diet works by eating high-fiber and low-fat foods to manipulate your hunger. The main point of this diet is to manage daily consumption of calories. The average price for this diet is about $300.

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